Smoke sphere using TurbulanceFD

In this post we’re going to make the following movie.

Smoke sphere


  • Cinema 4D
  • TurbulanceFD
  • Octane

First we start with a simple sphere.

Step 1: the sphere

We use a Voronoi fracture to “break” this sphere. The distance between the fragments is 4 cm and the thickness of the fragments is 3 cm (use hull only).

Step 3: the Voronoi fracture

Inside the sphere there will be a moving object. This is a cube with an atom array applied to it (size 75 cm, cylinder radius 5 cm and sphere radius 10 cm). Ignore the tags on the objects for now.

Step 4: the object inside the cube

For making the smoke we need a TurbulanceFD container.

Step 5: the TurbulanceFD container

Now, we’re going to have a look at the TurbulanceFD tags on the two objects. The sphere has the collision object enabled, the atom cube is a smoke emitter.

Step 6: setting the TurbulanceFD tags on the objects

Next we make a background plane and an Octane sky using HDRI lighting. Not going into the details of this step in this tutorial.

Step 7: setting the background and lighting

The atom cube will be spinning, so make key frames for the rotation. I’ve used R.P as well as R.B.

Step 8: letting the atom cube spin

Now do the same for the Voronoi sphere.

Step 9: letting the sphere spin

Now let TurbulanceFD simulate the smoke using Plugins -> TurbulanceFD -> Set cached simulation.

Step 10: simulate the smoke

Finally, give the smoke some nice colors by making the TurbulanceFD container an Octane object and setting the different ramps (absorption ramp, scattering ramp and emission ramp).

Step 11: giving the smoke some nice colors

Finally, render the animation! (by the way, I did not go into the materials used)

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